Our retreats are designed to nourish your soul, enhance your well-being, boost your creativity and bring clarity, perspective and meaning into your life.

Our smallholding in the hills near Montgomery in Mid-Wales is the ideal spot to spend a few days close to nature, with plenty of fresh air to fill your lungs and beautiful, far-reaching views across the rolling green hills to help you gain perspective and make you feel on top of the world.

We provide an environment in which you can experience slow and mindful living to help you reconnect with you and what is important to you so that you can leave replenished, resourced, satisfied and with renewed purpose.

You will be nurtured and looked-after by us as you offer yourself the opportunity of an authentic and meaningful encounter with yourself, away from the interruptions and distractions of a busy modern life and supported by the natural world around you.

About Maryline, the counsellor

Prior to moving to Wales, I ran a private counselling practice for ten years. I am passionate about the positive impact of nature on health and well-being and over the years as a practising counsellor, I learnt to integrate the use of nature into my work with clients. I have undertaken Outdoor Therapy training courses with the Centre for Natural Reflection and more recently an Outdoor Mindfulness Course. Whilst I no longer work as a counsellor, running retreats from our smallholding is a way of bringing together various aspects of my person: my counselling knowledge, skills and experience, my love of nature, my desire to help others and my life as a shepherdess and smallholder. My professional development is important to me and I regularly receive supervision and attend training days. I also value my own mindfulness practice. My contribution to the retreats is my presence and wisdom which, together with care, attention and respect, help me create a safe retreat space that can also be therapeutic.

Creative Haven retreat

A 4-day solo retreat structured to give you the time and space to let your creativity flow.

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Self-Care for your Well-Being retreat

A 4-day individual retreat designed to give you the opportunity to rest, unwind and recharge, to feel nurtured and resourced.

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Move To A Smallholding retreat

A 4-day couple retreat structured to give you and your partner the opportunity to not only have a flavour of and gain insights into smallholding life but also to consider the personal impact of the move and prepare for the lifestyle change.

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