Rural & Rustic

Life on a smallholding in the Welsh hills.

Latest Blog Post: A broody hen

17 May 2018, 2:25 p.m.

Last week, I noticed that our mother hen, Betty, was behaving oddly. She spent a lot of time preening herself and was scratching in places where there was nothing to scratch... she was also spending an increasing amount of time in the coop when she laid her egg each day. She appeared distracted, a bit giddy and "on edge". Then, one morning, I found her in the coop, all spread out on what looked like a nest and in a sort of trance! I knew ...

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Stay with us

Our shepherd's hut is here to offer our guests the chance to leave behind the busy and complicated modern world and return to basics, close to nature and all it has to offer for a restorative and memorable countryside break. A real chance to unplug from the world and connect with nature.

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Our retreats are designed to nourish your soul, enhance your well-being, boost your creativity and bring clarity, perspective and meaning into your life.

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