About us

Welcome to Rural and Rustic, where we share our experience of life on a smallholding in the hills of Mid-Wales.

Keen to pursue our long-held dream for a more sustainable lifestyle, we moved here after two years of research, visits and lots and lots of discussions about how to turn our dream into reality. Without really knowing it, we were lining up all the dominos so that in July 2015, we were ready to start our adventure in this beautiful spot of the Welsh countryside.

When we first set eyes on the smallholding, we both knew it was the perfect place for us as it ticked many items on our wishlist: its location in the hills offered beautiful views of the rolling hills of Mid-Wales, three acres of land to give us plenty of scope for livestock, gardens and space for a shepherds' hut or two in the future, an old house with plenty of character and lots of storage and work space in the outbuildings. The wind turbine, the solar panels, the already set-up vegetable beds, the polytunnel and greenhouses, the fruit bushes and the orchard were the icing on the cake!

We value low-impact living and its many benefits on health, people, communities and Earth resources. We think our smallholding is the perfect place for us to live well, consume and waste less, grow (some of) our own food, produce (some of) our own energy, support small, local and independent businesses, learn and practice new skills and live close to nature.

So, here is our adventure, shared with a blog and a gallery. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Maryline and Peter