Bottling the taste of Summer


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There are many soft fruit bushes on the smallholding. I have found raspberries, alpine strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. They seem very productive, obviously liking the soil and location.

On Friday, Peter picked nearly 4 kg of redcurrants before I had even arrived. Picked fruit does not wait so, despite us having just moved in, it needed preserving! I was going to make some jam but could not find my collection of empty jam jars amongst all the boxes yet to empty. So I decided to make some delicious redcurrant cordial. I have made this several times already as our single redcurrant bush in Salisbury has been very productive the last couple of Summers, but obviously not 4 kg! The result is 4 bottles of delicious, homemade cordial, perfect with water as a drink full of seasonal flavour.

The blackcurrants are also ready – the birds know it! - and as the empty jam jars have now turned up, maybe I will make some jam, unless some other recipe takes my fancy!

We have not got a freezer yet. Our fridge freezer was on its last legs so we left it behind; it is top of the purchase list though as I think our food storage habits are going to be very different here and a larger freezer will be a necessary item to have, not just for pizzas and ice cream!


  • I thought it was time that I read your blog from the beginning. It's so lovely to read about others going through the same process as us in a similar timescale. Although of course, your smallholding is much more established than ours! You've moved to a beautiful part of the world, I used to live in Rhayader, a little bit south of your home, but still with those stunning hills & clear night skies (I miss seeing all those stars!). Would you share some of your cordial recipes? I have a good elderflower recipe, but not one for other fruits. Nos da! x

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