Chard and potato gratin

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In preparation for planting our this season's veg, I had to clear the veg plot of some of last year's chard so I decided to make a gratin with it.

I don't follow a particular recipe for this, neither to I weigh anything but here is what I do to create this earthy, filling dish that can be served as a side for grilled meat or roast chicken, or as a main with a green salad.

First, I boil some potatoes until they are just undercooked (you want them still firm and they finish cooking in the oven) and then I slice them, skin and all. Whilst they are boiling, I wash the chard then dry it with a clean tea towel before cutting the leaves away from the stalks then I chop them all. In some olive oil in a pan, I cook the stalks first till they soften (about 5-10 minutes depending on how thick and chunky the pieces are; overwintered chard stalks can be quite tough) then I add the leaves (for another 5 minutes). I remove from the heat when it all looks tender and I season with salt and pepper.

In a gratin dish, I layer the chard then potatoes then a couple of tablespoons of chutney (apple or tomato chutney works well here), chopped parsley and some grated cheese (I would recommend blending some strong Cheddar or Gruyère with some Parmesan or Pecorino). I repeat a couple of times before ending with a layer of cheese. The cheese makes it salty enough, I think, but I add some pepper to the layers too, unless the chutney will give enough of a kick!

I bake this in a preheated oven at 190° C (my oven is fan so temperature and timing may need adjusting for other types) for around half an hour.

Bon appétit!