Crème caramel

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This is a dessert I make when we have an egg glut as our hens' eggs are rich in taste and colour so really make this dish.

First, I make the caramel in a saucepan with 150 g of caster sugar and 50 ml of water. When this reaches a dark golden colour, I pour it in an oven dish (or small ramekins that can go in the oven).

Then, I turn the oven on to 160 C (or gas mark 3) and pour 1 L of milk in a pan with half a vanilla stick or a teaspoon of vanilla paste. I cook this until it begins to boil. I mix 200g of caster sugar and 7 whole eggs before pouring the hot milk on the mixture, whisking till it is smooth.

I cook this dish in a bain-marie in the oven so I place the caramel-lined dish in a large roasting tin and pour the milk, egg and sugar mixture on the caramel. Then I add the water to go up to about half the side of the dish.

It needs cooking for around 50 minutes before refrigerating it for around 4 hours when it is cool enough to go into the fridge.

To serve, when it is set and cold, you can tip it on top of a plate. It helps to run a sharp knife blade along the side of the dish before turning it over on the plate.