Herby salt

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My favourite way to make the most of our abundant homegrown summer herbs is to make herby salt. I learnt this idea from Sue at The Bridge Cottage Way a few years ago and since then, I have made a few jars each June, usually around the Summer Solstice. Family and friends are keen to place their orders ahead of time. It is such a lovely way to share the bountiful supply of herbs we grow in our garden and to spread a little of the Summer Solstice cheer with everyone.

First, I gather the herbs: purple sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme as well as the flowers of chive, sage and borage for an extra pop of colour. I chop them all finely then mix them in with rock salt or salt flakes in a bowl. I leave the herbs to dry in there for a day, covered with a tea towel. I then whizz it through the food processor for a fine mix that I store into jars.

If, by now, you are wondering about quantities, I don't weigh any of the herbs or salt, sorry; I just do it by eye. I have also made it by whizzing the herbs very finely first then adding them to salt flakes but I prefer to use a finer salt so I blitz it all at the end.

I use this in many dishes throughout the year and I find it is a particularly delicious way to add flavour to egg dishes like omelettes, frittatas and quiches.

A quick and simple way to bottle the very first tastes of summer.