Our home is a haven for birds!


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It has been a glorious Summer's day up here in the hills of Mid-Wales. The wind chased the rain clouds that lingered earlier this morning and the rest of the day was dry, sunny and warm. I spent some time watching the many birds that visit our garden – blue tits, great tits, finches, sparrows, great spotted woodpeckers are frequent visitors - and those that are a bit further away – like red kites circling high in the sky.

In one of the sheds, I have found an enormous container, almost full of bird food (peanuts and seeds). I have been replenishing the feeders each day. Is it a good thing to feed the birds in Summer? Does it not make them lazy to search for their own food, which is actually plentiful at this time of year?

I have looked up advice from the RSPB on feeding birds in Summer and they say it is a myth that birds do not need feeding in Summer. I am now satisfied that my feeding them is helpful. Although food supplies are not scarce for birds in Summer, they are busy raising their young so they need the extra that we can give them. This time of year is also when birds - parents and youngsters - stock up on energy resources to survive the leaner Winter months.

I love birds. I love seeing them on the feeders and the trees around me. I love hearing their songs and their chirpy chatterings. Sparrows are such chatterboxes!! It is very quiet up here and the birdsong is delightful. Over the years, I have trained myself to identify some of their songs. I can tell I am going to learn even more up here. I need to get the bird books out and have them handy in the sun room, with the binoculars!

Here is to a bird-friendly garden!