Green shoots


With the Vernal Equinox just passed, the season of Spring has arrived and we now know for certain that light has prevailed over the darkness. What joy! With days now longer than nights, despite what the weather is doing, Spring brings us life and growth. Nature is bursting forth with buds, blossom, Spring flowers and green shoots, the kind of green only around in Spring, so fresh and new.

After the dark months of Winter, these little green shoots are real beacons of hope and promise. There has been a shift and it is time for new beginnings. The seeds I sowed a few weeks ago are now green seedlings that hold within them the potential of a crop to feed us. It is at this time of year that the natural force of life in all living organisms, including us humans, manifests itself the strongest. It is most visible by looking closely at buds just opening or seedlings just emerging from the surface of the compost. It's also there when a newborn lamb rises unsteadily to its feet in search of its mother's milk. I cannot help but feel moved by these Springtime images that I find so uplifting, energizing and full of optimism.

This re-awakening in the natural world teaches us that a fresh start is possible, that personal renewal is within our grasp and that we all hold within us the potential for change and rebirth. By tuning in to the expansive and enlivening energy of the Spring season, we can feel inspired to make changes and bring ideas to fruition. What green shoots are growing for you and in you? What old material do you need to push away to discover new growth? I have been clearing away dead growth in the flower borders to allow new shoots to grow and flourish. I avoid doing it too early in the new season as that dead material acts as a valuable layer of protection when it’s cold and frosty and removing it prematurely could leave the plants vulnerable and exposed. Ornamental grasses, crocosmia and penstemon are a good example of this; I always wait till I see new shoots to remove and dispose of the dead leaves and stems to give the plants the opportunity to flourish in the Summer months. It is the same for us and now is the time to rid ourselves of the heaviness of Winter and embrace the buoyancy of Spring to grow fresh, new shoots. Whilst it can feel a little scary to remove the protective layer of the old and the familiar to embrace the new and the unknown, it is a risk worth taking so we can move forward, grow, develop and reach our full potential.

May you embrace the light and warmth of Spring to grow your own green shoots.